A little about me…..

I was born in Split, Croatia and moved to Montreal, Canada in my early teenage years.

I did my school in tourisme. My obsession with travel, culture and meeting different people started early. There is nothing like that feeling of discovering new beautiful places and meeting amazing people (that I sometimes kept in touch with for years).

My obsession with photography started relatively early too. I still remember asking a highschool friend to come pose for me for a few portrait pictures with my first 35mm (luckily I got better since then) Getting it developed and being just so happy about it. And it’s my love for photography who made me bond with the most extraordinary person I know, now my husband. He was into photography and taught me everything I know…he is still my helper and assistant haha

Taking pictures for me is a lot more than taking pictures. Feelings are involved. Capturing that moment and then looking at it with the rushing memory of it…that feeling is captured forever. (Let me not tell you how many pictures of my son I have)

I do believe that having your moments and feelings captured shouldn’t be unaffordable and everyone should have that opportunity.

And it’s that belief that started it all…. An ordinary girl capturing extraordinary moments.